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At Reptile Encounters we love finding out new information about the natural world, and we want to share that with you! Our blog posts will feature new scientific discoveries, facts & features on our favourite animals, fun stories from our daily experiences and much much more!

The Cane Toad Problem

June 13, 2018

The Cane Toad (Rhinella marina) has become an all-too-familiar species across the northern parts of Australia. These troublesome pests have managed to work their way across northern Australia and have been a major threat to our biodiversity since Day 1. But why are they such an issue? How have they spread so far? And what’s being done to help solve the Cane Toad problem? Let’s have a look! [...]

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5 Steps To A Sustainable Classroom

June 8, 2017

Going green and looking after the environment is something we should all have in mind at all times. That means making sure little ones are aware of the effect they can have on the environment, and the carbon footprint they are leaving on this Earth. As parents, school teachers and educators of any kind, it is important to encourage them to work toward sustainable, eco- friendly habits, both at hom[...]

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5 Summertime Tips for Spotting Wildlife in the Aussie Bush

Animals, Latest News | December 22, 2016

Summertime speeds by rapidly every season. This year, why not make the most of it? If you’re lucky enough to call Australia home, you have the opportunity to observe all it has to offer. You’re surrounded by a unique biodiversity just waiting to be explored. So let’s spend this summer spotting Australia’s amazing animals in their natural habitat. Make it a summer of discovery- the more [...]

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Conservation Through Education

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | October 6, 2016

Why Australia is great   When you think of Australia, what comes to mind? The fact that it’s the world’s smallest continent or that it’s the largest country without land borders? Maybe you think about the more recognizable Kangaroo or Dingo? If your philosophy is anything like us here at Reptile Encounters, your thoughts are probably more specific. We think about the unique wildlife t[...]

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Unforgettable Reptile Themed Corporate Events

Animals, Latest News | September 7, 2016

So what was the most exciting feature at your company’s last corporate event? A caricaturist with a funny hat? A chocolate fountain? If you’re lucky, maybe a photo booth with some silly hats and sunglasses to pose with? If you’re unlucky, maybe it wasn’t that memorable! But how does a lace monitor sound? Or a striking 3 metre long python you could stroke or hold? And when was the last t[...]

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Cold-Blooded and In Trouble – Part 2

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | August 16, 2016

Our look into the endangered ectotherms of Victoria continues with a look into some of our swamp-loving species; A gorgeous lizard who hates his neighbours, and a very small, very pretty fish with a short lifespan and no scales! Swamp Skink (Lissolepis coventryi) Photo - Nick Gale Victoria has 87 species of lizard, 52 of which are skinks, but unfortunately not all of them are as common as[...]

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Make Magic with a Reptile Themed School Fete

Latest News, School Incursions, Special Events | July 27, 2016

Let your mind wander and picture a lovely summer summer’s day and a school fete. What do you think about? A raffle. A bouncy castle, A cake stall. Probably, yes. But a lace monitor? Or a salt water crocodile? How about a rufous bettong? Probably... not. Well that can change as, thanks to Reptile Encounters, reptile-themed school fetes are now available in both Melbourne and wider Victoria. So if[...]

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Wildlife For All Ages

Latest News, School Incursions | July 12, 2016

As a Wildlife Ambassador for Reptile Encounters my days are filled with introducing students to Australia's wildlife in fun, hands-on and educational shows, and meeting with teachers to discuss our incursion programs. Over the last two years of trying to meet with teachers face-to-face I have often come across a common misconception that Wildlife Incursions are just for Kinder children or “Preps[...]

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Cold Blooded and In Trouble – Part 1

Endangered Species, Latest News | June 30, 2016

Most people would assume that the Melbourne area, and indeed most of southern Victoria, would be far too cold for cold-blooded critters, right? Actually, southern Victoria supports a broad array of ectotherms (that’s the technical term for ‘cold-blooded’, because their blood isn’t actually cold; it’s just the same temperature as their surroundings!) and unfortunately, some of the most in[...]

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Bring The Zoo To You And Be Your Kid’s Hero

Birthday Parties, Latest News | May 19, 2016

One afternoon, two parents of two different kids sat down to their computers and pulled out a pen and pad of paper. They were determined. Each one searched for “Melbourne Zoo birthday parties” and got to work… The two parents were very similar, but only one became a hero. They both loved their little ones to pieces and dearly wanted to put the biggest smile on their face. And each pare[...]

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Land Your Career

In the Media, Latest News | May 11, 2016

Land Your Career is an organisation that promotes careers in the land management/environmental sector by inspiring and educating prospective students. This interview features our director Josh to showcase an exceptional example of careers working with wildlife.[...]

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Parties Kids Remember

Birthday Parties, Latest News | May 3, 2016

Throwing an Unforgettable Party As every parent who has ever organised their child’s birthday party will know, making it an unforgettable day is no mean feat. But it would be easier if you could call on a Freshwater turtle, a Goanna and a 3 metre python from the guestlist, right? What if a saltwater crocodile, a Shingleback lizard and a posse of green tree frogs showed up to entertain the young[...]

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Meeting the Reptile Encounters Team – Spotlight on Dan!

Birthday Parties, Latest News, School Incursions, Special Events | April 12, 2016

Our cracking new blog series, taking you behind the scenes with our super staff, keeps rolling with part IV. This week our in-house Reptile Encounters Reporter meets Dan ‘lizard-man’ Mangano! Our very own lizard-man Dan Mangano Reptile Encounters Reporter: Dan, let’s get this show on the road. What sparked your love for wildlife? Dan Mangano: I’ve been passionate about Austral[...]

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Meeting the Reptile Encounters Team – Spotlight on Shaan!

Birthday Parties, Latest News, School Incursions, Special Events | March 28, 2016

In part III of our fantastic news series, our Reptile Encounters Reporter gets the lowdown on the wolf-whistling and platypus-loving Wildlife Ambassador Shaan Noble! Shaan - spending some quality time with a scaly friendReptile Encounters Reporter: So Shaan, let’s kick things off. How, when and why did you become so passionate about in wildlife? Shaan Noble: Good question! So, I’ve b[...]

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Becoming A ResourceSmart School

Latest News, School Incursions | March 24, 2016

ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative that encourages schools to incorporate sustainability in everything they do, and benefit from the process. School’s become involved by minimising waste, saving energy and water, promoting biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This creates a sustainable school environment that reduces costs, provides students with a tangi[...]

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Meeting the Reptile Encounters Team – Spotlight on Kara!

Birthday Parties, Latest News, School Incursions, Special Events | February 15, 2016

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to spend your day holding snakes or looking after blue-tongue lizards? Or what it would be like speaking to crowds of school kids about crocodiles? Well, in our exciting news series we’re going to meet and get to know some of our lovely staff here at Reptile Encounters. What makes them tick? What started their love for animals? What is their most mem[...]

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Amazing Wildlife In Your Backyard And Beyond!

Animals, Latest News | January 26, 2016

Did you know there are over 30 different types of snakes in Victoria alone?! As well as the Eastern Brown Snake and Red-Bellied Black Snake, the Tiger Snake, Common Copperhead Snake and many more also live here in our beautiful state. But don’t worry! They may look scary, but if you treat snakes with respect they won’t harm you. Isn’t it awesome how snakes can open their jaws so wide? Wel[...]

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Reptile Encounters Goes Wild this Summer Holidays

Animals, Latest News, School Incursions, Special Events | December 16, 2015

‘So, what was the coolest thing you did over the holidays?’ ‘Oh, I hung-out with a grey-headed flying fox, a bearded dragon and a lace monitor at an amazing reptile show! I saw a rat kangaroo, a brush-tailed possum and a squirrel glider, and even got to meet their keeper!’ Does it sound too good to be true?! Well, this holidays, Reptile Encounters is offering the most exciting Sch[...]

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Reptiles in the movies

Animals, Latest News | September 18, 2015

Reptiles have featured on the big screen right from the days of black and white to the action movies of today. They often get a bad rep, not least in the reptilian dinosaur monster creation of Godzilla. Not every movie reptile has been a butt kicking monster though. In fact, some have actually been on the wrong end of some pretty bad treatment by their human co-stars; all make believe of course. [...]

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Find out what happened when Reptile Encounters met Jason Dunstall on Fox Footy’s ‘Bounce’!

In the Media, Latest News | August 3, 2015

Who knew that one Australia's most renowned footy legends had a massive fear of snakes?  After losing a bet that required him to face this fear, Jason 'The Chief' Dunstall, sat with our own legend, 'Tiny' draped around his neck, probably pondering how he managed to get himself into such a situation!   When The Chief met Tiny! If you hadn't guessed, Tiny is one of our enormous Olive Py[...]

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Protecting Australian reptiles – A Burning Question!

Animals, Latest News | July 28, 2015

Burning on a regular basis is a fact of life in Australia. Whether it’s called prescribed, planned or controlled, these burns are seriously important, for many reasons. But how do they affect the reptile populations in the areas that are being burnt? We’re going to take a look at why burning is really important but may need to be adapted to help reptiles. Why is it important to burn? The[...]

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Reptile Encounters Presents: The Weird Lizard List!

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | November 20, 2014

Be they gecko, skink or almighty Godzilla himself, lizards are always a little (if not a lot) weird. With their beady-eyed, creepily camouflaged demeanours and general air of prehistoric mystery, these guys have us gobsmacked – so we’ve rounded up eight of the greatest in all their freaky glory. 1. Thorny Dragon Let’s start with this thorny little devil, the Thorny Dragon (who’s nick[...]

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The Cold-blooded Truth – Reptiles on the Brink of Extinction

Endangered Species, Latest News | November 5, 2014

  We hate to be a downer, but did you know that the last 40 years has seen half of the world’s wild animals disappear? A troubling reality, made all the more awkward by the fact that we humans are very much responsible. As was brought to light by the latest edition of the Living Planet Report, wildlife populations around the globe have declined by 52 per cent on average since 1970[...]

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Reptile Encounters on Mix 101.1!

In the Media, Latest News | October 27, 2014

In case you haven't heard our radio spot on Mix 101.1, have a listen here! Feel free to let us know what you think! [...]

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Five Freaky Frogs You’ve Got To See To Believe!

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | October 21, 2014

Frogs and toads are among the most diverse creatures on earth, and while your average green frog or brown toad might be common as mud, there are some seriously weird ones out there. We’ve found five freaky frogs you’ve got to see to believe. Glass Frogs Let’s start with a frog that has nothing to hide – the glass frog. This nocturnal little tree-dwelling fellow lives in the humid for[...]

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Australian Reptile Myths Busted: Snakes!

Animals, Latest News | October 8, 2014

Australia’s reptiles are notoriously nasty, but what danger do they really pose on our day-to-day lives? Statistics indicate that you’re far more likely to be offed by a horse (or a common ladder, for that matter) than a crocodile. Crocs, in fact, are to blame for less than one fatality on average a year, while snakebites account for less than two. In truth, reptiles present a positively mini[...]

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Mum’s Grapevine provides some reptile party inspiration!

Birthday Parties, Latest News | September 28, 2014

Mum's Grapevine recently wrote about how to plan a reptile themed party! Read the article here, which features our very own Josh, who brought along some of our famous reptile friends for the day! Book an interactive reptile show from Reptile Encounters and throw a party your child will remember forever! All the guests can ask questions and learn about Australia’s unique fauna, and everyone ge[...]

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Megafauna – Meet the amazing ancestors to our unique Australian animals!

Animals, Latest News | September 12, 2014

Ever wonder why Australian animals are so unique? So different to those found elsewhere in the world? It’s because we’ve been an island (a petri dish, if you will) for the better part of the last 50 million years and species have been able to evolve in isolation. But where did they first come from? The oldest native mammals of Australia descended from animals that were on the continent [...]

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Herpetophobia: What to do when reptiles trigger terror!

Animals, Latest News | August 29, 2014

We’re encouraged to be fearless, however a life without any fear would be terribly short-lived. Fear protects us from danger and alerts us to threat, but while many of us are afraid of creepy crawlies and bumps in the night, when normal fears are taken to extremes they become phobias. Unlucky sufferers have a lasting, intense and irrational fear, causing distress or impairment to their wo[...]

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Climate and Wildlife – A Complex Relationship

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | July 22, 2014

  Climate change is having a devastating effect on our globe, placing our wildlife at ever increasing risk. There are three different ways that climate change affects wildlife: • Direct Impact – These things are nature-related, such as temperature changes, rainfall, and cyclones. • Increasing Threats – This includes catastrophes that are a result of direct impacts, such [...]

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Reptile Encounters featured in the Mildura Weekly!

In the Media, Latest News | June 13, 2014

We're excited to be featured on the front page of the May 30th edition of the Mildura Weekly! Our very own Jacob, who is a former Mildura resident, also made it inside! [...]

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Lesser Known Australian Animals and Where You Can Meet Them!

Animals, Latest News | May 28, 2014

When people think of Australian wildlife, they often think of popular animals like kangaroos, wombats, koalas, or even the frilled lizard made popular in the classic Disney cartoon ‘The Rescuers Down Under’! Despite the attention these iconic animals receive, there are many animals native to this land that are unfamiliar, even to Australians. These extraordinary creatures should not be over[...]

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How to Keep Wildlife at Home in Victoria – Obtaining a Licence

Animals, Latest News | April 3, 2014

  Victoria is such a great place for animal enthusiasts to live. That’s because it’s so easy and fun to look after wildlife animals. There is a wide range of wildlife animals that you can keep without needing a licence. Keeping some other animals, however, requires you to apply for a wildlife licence. There are four types of licences that you might have to apply for before you c[...]

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How Aggressive Are Crocodiles?

Animals, Latest News | February 19, 2014

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest species of crocodile on the planet, with average males measuring about 5 metres long and weighing in at about 450 kilograms. However they can grow as long as 7 metres and weigh as much as 1,000 kilograms! You can see why “salties”, as they are often called, dominate both land and water environments. That is because in addition to being excellent navi[...]

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How To Help Wildlife Animals During A Bushfire

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | February 14, 2014

  Victoria is no stranger to bush fires. The first recorded bush fire, called Black Thursday (1851), destroyed 5 million hectares and claimed the lives of 12 Australians, 1 million sheep as well as thousands of cattle. Black Saturday in 2009 only destroyed 450,000 hectares but claimed the lives of 173 Australians and destroyed more than 2,000 homes. More recently in January, 2014 th[...]

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Should Australians Reconsider Owning Cats as Pets?

Animals, Latest News | January 9, 2014

If you ever enjoyed having a cat as a pet, then you can thank the members of the Stone Age, also known as the Neolithic Age. They were the first to domesticate felines and keep them as pets. Humans from this time era even shared their graves with their beloved cats, which were at the time more like an African wildcat than the cat who shares your home. Cats make great pets because unlike dogs,[...]

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Why Do Reptiles Have Scales?

Animals, Latest News | December 6, 2013

  Reptiles are one of the six basic animal families, and belong to the biological class called Reptilia, which includes animals such as snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, and many groups that have sadly gone extinct throughout the years. Believe it or not, while reptiles have characteristics that make them unique from species in the other animal family, many reptiles have other char[...]

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Tiger Snakes – How Deadly Are They?

Animals, Latest News | November 26, 2013

  While the tiger snake’s reputation as a fierce predator is widely known throughout Australia, few people ever encounter this reptile in the wild. It is unfortunate that the species is often criticised because of its toxic venom and aggressive nature, because the tiger snake is a true survivor in the animal world, having overcome some of the harshest environments on the continent. [...]

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What Do Reptiles Eat?

Animals, Latest News | November 11, 2013

    Having a reptile for a pet in some ways is much easier than having a dog or a cat. You do not have to walk your reptile outdoors in all sorts of weather when he has to go to the bathroom, and while you do have to keep his habitat clean it is easier than scooping a litter box. The real challenge in keeping your reptile safe and happy is by providing an adequate diet. Before [...]

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Wildlife Conservation

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | October 29, 2013

The word extinction means the permanent loss of a species, and the reason why it happens is due to one of multiple impacts. Sometimes extinction is a natural process that serves to create a new species through evolution. However more often than not extinction happens as a result of humanity, through means such as habitat loss, modification of the environment, spread of invasive species or dise[...]

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On Borrowed Time

Animals, Endangered Species, Latest News | October 16, 2013

  On Borrowed Time is a 10 minute documentary featuring the Malayan Tiger, a species that continues to drop in number due to slaughter from poachers. This is just one example of why wildlife conservation is imperative, not only for the animals but also for humans. That is because without animals, the ecosystem would not be fit for human life. Reptile Encounters offers opportunities to [...]

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Caring for Your Pet Lizard

Animals, Latest News | September 20, 2013

Lizards are popular pets because they are easy to maintain and, unlike a dog or a cat, needs little space. Although a lizard’s natural habitat, depending on its species, might be the rainforest, jungle, or a desert, your pet lizard will most likely be happiest in the home you design for him. Here are the five primary elements of keeping a lizard, and a little information about each one. [...]

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The 5 Most Intelligent Reptiles

Animals, Latest News | September 18, 2013

Believe it or not, reptiles are fairly intelligent creatures. In fact, the intelligence level of some species of reptiles rivals that of birds, or even mammals! And research shows that these cold-blooded creatures are only getting smarter. An article in Wired magazine suggests that global warming is changing reptile habitats around the world, and that a warmer nest makes for more intelligent inhab[...]

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The Frogs in Our Backyard!

Animals, Latest News | September 6, 2013

Australia is home to so many different varieties of frogs. A lot of them live in your very own backyard! Frogs are a nimble amphibian, which means that they are cold blooded vertebrate with smooth skin. They can climb trees, jump across the ground, or even leap through the air to catch an insect in mid-flight. Now let’s take a look at some of the frogs found around the Melbourne region! Growl[...]

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Australia’s Deadliest Snakes

Animals, Latest News | August 26, 2013

Reptile Encounters does not only care for venomous animals, but we also get a lot of questions about them!  Australia is actually home to 9 of the 10 deadliest snakes in the world, and you can read about five of the top deadliest snakes found in our country below. 1. Brown Snake There are two main varieties of brown snake – the eastern and the western. One of Australia’s deadliest c[...]

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The Tasmanian Devil

Animals, Latest News | August 20, 2013

Fossils found by archaeologists tell us that Tasmanian devils once lived on the Australian Mainland, but today they are only found in one place, and that is Tasmania. Early Europeans who settled in Tasmania did not like that the devils ate their chickens. One land company paid people for Tasmanian devil corpses, and these animals nearly became extinct. Fortunately in 1941 a law was passed to prote[...]

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Feedback from The Bays Hospital Christmas party

Latest News, Special Events | December 10, 2012

Reptile Encounters were the main entertainment at The Bays Hospital Christmas Party! The show proved to be a hit with children and parents. Reptile Encounters are a perfect solution for your next corporate event. [...]

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Aqualife – An in depth look at aquatic life!

Animals, Latest News, School Incursions | November 19, 2012

Aqualife has kicked off in 2012 with a bang! The show has been incredibly popular with schools and kinders booking up quickly. The students and children love seeing live yabbies, hermit crabs, clown fish (Nemo), seahorse, golden mystery snails, mudskippers, barramundi, silver perch, mono's, gudgeons, turtle and crocodile. It is an underwater adventure right in your classroom. Everyone will learn i[...]

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School Holiday Program – Wildlife Ranger for a day!

Latest News, Special Events | November 19, 2012

January 2013 Earlybird offer: book your child in by the 14th of December and you'll save 10%. Fantastic value for an experience your children will never forget! Next school holidays will be here before you know it! Make sure to book in early so you can guarantee your child a spot. Dates: January 7th -31st 2013 (dates depend on availability)[...]

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Jessie’s Birthday Party

Birthday Parties, Latest News | November 19, 2012

Hi Josh, I just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful our party was on Saturday. Cath was great and kept the kids attention the whole time - which is tough with 25 six year olds!! All of the kids loved it and the parents really enjoyed themselves too. Thanks again for a wonderful show. Kirsty[...]

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Mitch’s Party

Birthday Parties, Latest News | November 19, 2012

Just letting you know that Mitch had the best birthday ever and the boys all had a great time. They didnt stop talking about it. Adam did a FANTASTIC job and can you tell him THANKYOU again. I certainly wont forget the day as its not everyday the mother of the birthday boy gets weed on by an olive python and my husband had great delight in telling all the parents. It was the best money i have ever[...]

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Tomas’s Party

Birthday Parties, Latest News | November 19, 2012

Dear Josh, Please pass on my thanks to Darren who did a tremendous job yesterday at Tomas' birthday party. His presentation was fun and very interesting for both kids and adults. We all had lots of laughs and were amazed by the wonderful wildlife. I am sure we all learned something that we didn't know. Lots of parents commented to me what a great and educational show it was for the kids. All the v[...]

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Damian & Anthony’s Party

Birthday Parties, Latest News | November 19, 2012

Hi Guys at Reptile Encounters, We had the wonderful pleasure of having you make my boys Birthday party a fabulous one on Sunday. We had Adam come along and make the show something special for my boys Damian & Anthony. We had extremely Happy kids all afternoon and they could not stop talking about all the things they had learnt and enjoyed. The feedback from the parents was wonderful, with many[...]

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Aiden’s Birthday Party

Birthday Parties, Latest News | November 19, 2012

I wanted to thank Adam for his presentation at Aidens 3rd birthday on Sunday (10/7 1pm). Aiden and the kids LOVED the show (the parents also were captivated by the reptiles!) The show was fun and educational which was the perfect combination. It was fantastic to see Adam encouraging those kids that were a little timid to touch the reptiles. Aiden woke up the next day and told me about a dream he'd[...]

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Laurimar Primary School

Latest News, School Incursions | November 19, 2012

Hi Adam and Josh, I’d like to convey my thanks to the pair of you for the excellent presentation last week. All the prep teachers were similarly impressed and asked to send their thanks as well. The writing, drawing and talking that took place after the show was amazing. The kids are still buzzing. The amount of information they retained has also amazed us. Thanks again. See you in 2 years. Roby[...]

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Bittern Preschool

Latest News, School Incursions | November 19, 2012

Hi Josh, Thank you very much to Cath who presented at our Kindergarten last week. Her session was very informative and we are now looking into getting our very own Leaf Stick Insect as a Kindergarten pet – very much inspired by your incursion. Thanks again, Stephanie Davie Bittern Preschool[...]

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St Albans Primary West esplanade

Latest News, School Incursions | November 19, 2012

Hi Josh Just wanted to let you know the reptile shows were excellent and Adam was fantastic with the kids he kept them engaged and remembered their names. He told them important information and asked good questions and listened to them. He did a really good job. The staff were very impressed and the children enjoyed it all. Just wanted to let you know we’d recommend you guys to anyone. Cheers Li[...]

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Belle Vue Park Primary School

Latest News, School Incursions | November 19, 2012

Hi Josh, Just a big ‘Thank You’ for your presentation today. The children got so much out of it and really enjoyed the experience. The way you engaged the students and remembered so many names was great! We will definitely think of Reptile Encounters in the future when we cover this topic. Thanks again, The Prep – 2 Students and Staff From Belle Vue Park Primary School Dannii Blundo[...]

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Berwick Primary School

Latest News, School Incursions | November 19, 2012

"It's a hard job to keep a group of 36 boys, sitting for an hour, keeping them engaged and entertained. However, Josh made it look easy. The variety of reptiles, with Josh's knowledge and added sense of humour, had all the boys intrigued and focused on every bit of information. The show was highly interactive, every single child was able to get up close and personal with Zara the olive python, Tet[...]

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Petbarn Clayton Park

Latest News, Special Events | November 19, 2012

Reptile Encounters were the star attraction at Petbarn Clayton Park on Saturday 22nd of October. Customers were greeted by our display of insects, amphibians and reptiles. We also had Spencer the monitor, Betty the freshwater crocodile and Zara out for people to touch and hold.[...]

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