Aqualife – An in depth look at aquatic life | Reptile Encounters

Aqualife – An in depth look at aquatic life!

By Reptile Encounters/19 November 2012

Aqualife has kicked off in 2012 with a bang! The show has been incredibly popular with schools and kinders booking up quickly. The students and children love seeing live yabbies, hermit crabs, clown fish (Nemo), seahorse, golden mystery snails, mudskippers, barramundi, silver perch, mono’s, gudgeons, turtle and crocodile. It is an underwater adventure right in your classroom. Everyone will learn interesting facts about these underwater creatures, including what they eat? Where they live? What type of habitat do they prefer? Did you know barramundi change from boys into girls, Nemo lives in an anenome and the male seahorse gives birth to the babies. You will be amazed by these fascinating creatures!
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