Animal Adaptations for Primary School - Reptile Encounters

Animal Adaptations for Primary School

How do animals survive their often treacherous conditions? Students can discover how animals use their ecological niche to seek food, and avoid predation, drought, and harsh environments. Students will understand common structural, behavioural, and physiological adaptations to the Australian environment and see these adaptations in our very own wildlife. An exciting and awe-inspiring experience.

Our Animals

Here are just a few of the animals you may meet when we come to show you their incredible adaptations to their environment…

Cheryl our Spiny-leaf stick insect

Kermit out Green tree frog

Ella our Woylie

Harriet our Eastern Barn Owl

Rex our Broad-shelled turtle

Russel our Shingleback lizard

Tiny our Olive python

Snappy our Saltwater crocodile


Curriculum Focus

Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment

Describing and listing adaptations of living things suited for particular Australian environments

Explaining how particular adaptations aid survival, for example, nocturnal behaviour

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Classroom Resources

Watch this space! Exciting new resources are coming in 2023!

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