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Reptile Parties you will remember

Are you looking for a fabulously unique birthday party for your kid? Do you want to give them a wonderful memory their friends will never stop talking about? Does your youngster love all things that slither, crawl and slide? If the answer’s yes – look no further! Because, here at Reptile Encounters we specialise in making kids’ birthdays fantastic, fun-filled, unforgettable days!

Our stunning reptile shows for birthday parties have been a hit with parents in and around Melbourne for over a decade, and we just love to entertain and educate the kids (and adults too), while you sit back, relax and enjoy the show! And you can do just that, as our parties are totally safe for kids of all ages and our wildlife presenters are as smiley as they are knowledgeable. Even better, all the excitement is truly educational and a special chance for the kids to connect with nature from the comfort and safety of your lounge room.

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Meet some of your reptile party guests

VIP Guest #1 - Olive Python

VIP Guest #1 - Olive Python

One of our favourite reptiles, and VIP guest at your kids reptile party, will be Australia’s very own Olive Python! These beauties make their homes in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland and are also known as “Liasis olivaceus”. Olive Pythons can grow up to an incredible 4 metres in length and sometimes even feast on crocodiles… But don’t worry! They are known for being mega friendly, curious and calm, so everyone who wants to will be able to have a hold, just like in the snap below.

VIP Guest #2 - Saltwater Crocodile

VIP Guest #2 - Saltwater Crocodile

Our Saltwater Croc sure is a one of a kind, never forgotten party guest if we’ve ever seen one. Growing up to an enormous 6m in length, salties are the largest living reptiles and have been on Earth for at least 4 million years! Like their buddy, the Olive Python, they are one of our precious native species and can be found across the coast of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. Although they are sometimes a little lazy, they can swim up to 29km/h when they’re hungry… Three times as fast as 23 time gold medallist Michael Phelps! But of course our saltie is 100% safe and people-friendly for all ages.

Included in our fantastic Reptile Party Package are:

  • One hour of fun-filled entertainment!
  • Attendance of up to 30 children!
  • Reptile Birthday Invitations (optional extra)!

And making up the most exciting guestlist will be:

  • A Spiny-leaf Stick Insect
  • A Green Tree Frog
  • A Fresh-water Turtle
  • A Stumpy-tail Lizard
  • A Monitor or Dragon Lizard
  • A Carpet Python
  • A Olive Python
  • A Saltwater Crocodile
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