FAQ | Reptile Encounters


What is the maximum number of kids per show?

Reptile Encounters show is suitable for up to 30 children for school incursions and kids parties. However, for kids parties we recommend 15 to 20 kids per show, as this allows us to make the presentation as interactive as possible and leaves children with the best memories of our visit.

Where do you do the shows?

In terms of location and space, we prefer to do shows indoors to avoid weather conditions. It also helps the children stay comfortable and contained to a common area. As long as the children can sit in a semi-circle, then that is all the space we require for a Reptile Encounters show.

How much setup time do you need?

Set up is very easy and takes no more than about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Do you have all the right permits and insurance?

All of the Reptile Encounters’ presenters have current Working with Children’s Check and Police Check, as well as a wildlife demonstration permit from the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (License No:13081293-DE). And finally, Reptile Encounters has $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

Are your staff adequately qualified to perform these shows?

Our staff are the most highly trained and qualified in the industry! Our shows are extremely professional and our presenters have teaching or science degrees.  You can read more about our staff and their qualifications in our about us section.

What sort of support do you offer?

We offer superior support, with our full time customer service manager Andrew, standing by to help out with any of your needs.