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Parties Kids Remember

By New Admin/03 May 2016

Throwing an Unforgettable Party

As every parent who has ever organised their child’s birthday party will know, making it an unforgettable day is no mean feat. But it would be easier if you could call on a Freshwater turtle, a Goanna and a 3 metre python from the guestlist, right? What if a saltwater crocodile, a Shingleback lizard and a posse of green tree frogs showed up to entertain the youngsters?

Well Reptile Encounters will make that happen! Creating birthday parties kids remember is our game. No more blowing up bouncy castles, no more creepy clowns, no more crowd control. We specialise in truly memorable parties for your little loved ones, and we take a load off your back on the big day. As our parties are completely safe, you don’t have to worry about the children, just savour the experience.

Creepy Crawly Party Kids 2 1

What’s more, our zoo parties are interactive. Not only will every child have the chance to meet and touch some of Australia’s incredible and unique fauna, we encourage learning by inviting all the guests to ask questions about our creatures. Our lovely presenters are passionate about ecology and the environment. Even better, they are more than ready to answer all the questions fired at them – knowledgeable, friendly and experienced, they are all educated to degree level or higher.

Our Reptile-themed birthdays – parties kids will remember for years – can easily be tailored for children from preschool age right up to early teens. You can simply sit back, enjoy the show, and watch as the guests are entranced and enthralled. And naturally we make sure the birthday boy or girl is the centre of attention throughout, having their own super snap taken with all their favourite wildlife!

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How We Do It

As for the details of the day, we arrange our zoo shows to last for an hour, allow a maximum of 30 children, and can provide show bags if you ask us ahead of time. More good news is that, as well as being on offer in Melbourne, we are more than happy to bring our army of reptiles to regional Victoria. All you’ll have to worry about is cutting the cake at the end!

Here at Reptile Encounters we’ll bring a show to make your child’s birthday a fantastic, fun-filled, unforgettable day! A party kids will remember no matter their age, one that will be the talk of the playground for weeks. So why wait? Contact the team today to book an interactive reptile show from Reptile Encounters… let us throw a party your child and their friends will remember forever!
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