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Unforgettable Reptile Themed Corporate Events

By New Admin/07 September 2016

So what was the most exciting feature at your company’s last corporate event? A caricaturist with a funny hat? A chocolate fountain? If you’re lucky, maybe a photo booth with some silly hats and sunglasses to pose with? If you’re unlucky, maybe it wasn’t that memorable!

But how does a lace monitor sound? Or a striking 3 metre long python you could stroke or hold? And when was the last time you and your co-workers kept your eyes peeled for camouflaged juvenile Frill-necked lizards? Now you can stop dreaming… Reptile Encounters the party professionals are here to change dull as dishwater corporate events into unforgettable, reptile themed adventures!

‘How is that possible?’, I hear you ask, understandably so. Well, as expert providers of Reptile themed entertainment for over 10 years now, Reptile Encounters can bring a show to your corporate event, be it a Christmas party, a new product launch or an international conference, that will wow all who see it. What better way to impress your employees, clients and VIP guests than with a great selection of Australia’s natural fauna? Not only will your guests be able to mingle with stunning snakes and lizards, they can cuddle cute marsupials and even pose with a saltwater crocodile!

We can create a mesmerising Reptile Encounters display, a natural environment to absorb as well as educate guests of all ages. Our creatures are hand-tame, captive bred and Australian – this means not only are our shows fun and fascinating, they are also completely safe. And our super-passionate instructors – all degree educated and experienced wildlife handlers – just love answering the questions fired at them and passing on their passion. So, just imagine your guests amazed by a Green tree python in a coil, and cooing as young Green tree frogs scale the glass of stunning terraniums. Well, thanks to Reptile Encounters, this could be your very next corporate event!

It’s no secret corporate events can be heaps of huge fun, indeed they are one of the highlights of the work calendar for many guests. A welcome chance to relax and socialise with colleagues, they can also serve as a welcome thank you and token of appreciation from senior management to staff. Even better, numerous international studies have shown they can lead to improved office friendships and culture, not to mention a reinforced team dynamic. Crucially, this can lead to improved productivity from all levels of hierarchy, meaning dollars invested in corporate events definitely don’t equate to money down the drain.

At Reptile Encounters we realise the importance of getting your corporate event absolutely spot-on, and we can tailor our services to perfectly reflect your needs. So why wait? Call our friendly team on 1300 4 CROCS (427 627) or email us at info@reptileencounters.com.au to book today and let Reptile Encounters bring life to to your next corporate event!

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