School Incursions Inspire Action - Reptile Encounters

School Incursions Inspire Action

By New Admin/07 January 2020

Are you looking for a captivating, inspirational and highly educational school incursion for your students this summer? If so, we have something that should be right up your ally.

Our school incursions are a huge hit with both students and teachers across Melbourne and wider Victoria.

We focus on hitting several objectives with our school incursions. As well as comprehensively addressing the curriculum, we engage students and get everyone involved in a fun-filled session, regardless of their learning style and ability.

Students love our school incursions and we’ve seen countless times how learning about and getting comfortable with the animals is a real confidence booster for many of them.

We know how getting through the terms can be a bit of a slog, and a Reptile Encounters Incursion can be the perfect way to mix up the routine with something different, as well as a great motivation for students to work hard with something to look forward to.

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Expert Reptile Educators

On top of that, as we’re super-qualified animal handlers and vastly experienced at engaging students, we take the load off you, the teacher. And of course all of our incursions are 100% safe.

So you can choose to watch from the sides as we run the session, or get stuck in with the students and get right into the thick of things.

Our school incursions are designed to be the most engaging out there, as we believe students will always get more out of it when we can switch them on and keep them switched on.

So our sessions are very tactile and involve a lot of hands on learning time with the Australian animals. But, because we’ve dealt with the full range of student reactions – from mega-enthusiastic and excitable to apprehensive and reluctant – we’re confident enough to say we’re experts in getting everyone in the classroom comfortable and involved.

One of the reasons students love our incursions is that we take what they may have thought were dull, uninteresting topics and bring them to life in a hands-on, fun-filled way.

There’s never a pair of eyes that doesn’t light up when we teach them about the bite forces of animals here in Australia. Especially the crocodiles!

And at the heart of all we teach the students through our incursions is making science applicable to the real world. We want to make them think deeply about conservation, sustainability and what they can do to help in the fight against the climate crisis.

We aim to energise the students, inspiring them to take action. We aim to inspire the next generation of leaders.

The Practicals

Running our Reptile Encounters School Incursions over the years has let us master the practical and logistical details. This means having our team visit your classroom is total breeze compared to booking and organising a full off-premises excursion.

Not only do you not have to worry about booking a bus for everyone, you don’t need to organise for parents to attend to meet the student supervision ratios.

We’re fully flexible with appointments, easing scheduling and we’re dedicated to giving you an experience tailored to your student’s individual needs.

Our INSPIRE range of incursions and resources cover a broad range of topics, and can be tailored to particularly focus on and engage the students in any of the following:

• Chemical Sciences
• Biological Sciences
• Physical Sciences
• Earth & Space Sciences

Don’t wait – if you’re interested in securing your spot for the upcoming term give us a call and give your students an inspirational, captivating and highly educational day to remember!
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