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Bring The Zoo To You And Be Your Kid’s Hero

By New Admin/19 May 2016

One afternoon, two parents of two different kids sat down to their computers and pulled out a pen and pad of paper. They were determined. Each one searched for “Melbourne Zoo birthday parties” and got to work…

The two parents were very similar, but only one became a hero.

They both loved their little ones to pieces and dearly wanted to put the biggest smile on their face. And each parent wanted to organize the best Melbourne zoo birthday party possible.

But there was a difference. One called the Melbourne Zoo and organized a weekend adventure for his kiddo and all of her friends. The second parent had the same idea, but she couldn’t help thinking… “How do I give Hamish the best party and not drive myself nuts playing babysitter? He’s the birthday king after all…” So she chose a different option.

The first parent smiled when he saw the little ones faces light up in awe inside the zoo, but soon realized each kid wanted to choose their own adventures. There was hardly a moment to breathe easy while he frantically tried to reel them back into the group.

Meanwhile, the second parent put her feet up and relaxed in the serenity of her own yard, while Hamish learned all about spiny-leaf stick insects, green tree frogs, freshwater turtles, shingleback lizards, saltwater crocs and meter-long pythons…WHILE he was holding them in his hands!

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And let’s be honest, you might not be the expert in Australian ecology and the environment…are your kids really reading the educational literature in front of the zoo enclosures? You deserve a high five if that’s the case.

Out Team’s Mission

Meet Jason, a member of our team who fell in love with animals at a very young age, and started working with horses before he can even remember. Before working with Honey, the Syrian Brown Bear at the Melbourne Zoo, he graduated with distinction in Biological Science from Deakin University. This is how it all started.

All of our team members at Reptile Encounters are degree-qualified wildlife ambassadors. They will share their deep stoke, passion and knowledge of the animals, all while making the birthday king or queen the centre of the party.
Our zoo parties in Melbourne are something your kids will remember their entire lives!

Let’s face it, it’s exhausting work trying to control a group of excited kids. And the moment you step inside the zoo, it presents all sorts of new and stressful challenges. So if you think you owe it to your kid to give them the best seat in the animal kingdom — and you think inviting the vibrant colors, exciting sounds, and wonderful Australian animals to your kid’s birthday party might make you their hero — consider chatting with Reptile Encounters, Melbourne’s Mobile Zoo, bringing you truly memorable birthday parties.
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