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Amazing Wildlife In Your Backyard And Beyond!

By New Admin/26 January 2016

Did you know there are over 30 different types of snakes in Victoria alone?! As well as the Eastern Brown Snake and Red-Bellied Black Snake, the Tiger Snake, Common Copperhead Snake and many more also live here in our beautiful state. But don’t worry! They may look scary, but if you treat snakes with respect they won’t harm you.

Isn’t it awesome how snakes can open their jaws so wide? Well, the reason they can do this is because they have an elastic jaw ligament – an amazing stretchy mouth in other words! The Red-Bellied Black Snake likes to relax in the sun, and can have up to 40 baby snakes at once. Crazy, huh?!

Red-Bellied Black Snake

One of the coolest species in Victoria’s amazing wildlife is definitely the Grey-Headed Flying Fox. This megabat only lives in Australia, can have have a wingspan of over 1 metre, and can even see colours in the dark. Amazing! They love talking to each other, and live in colonies in rainforests, woodlands and swamps. Keep it secret, but if you’re really lucky, you might even spot them in Yarra Bend Park!

Grey-Headed Flying Fox

Do you ever hear a loud “Crick! Crick! Crick! Crick!” sound when you’re out in your back garden? Most people think it’s a cricket, but it could be our friend the Common Froglet calling out. These tiny creatures are smaller than your thumb, and they might be hidden under a rock or log, or even camouflaged, so you’ll have to look really carefully to spot them!

Common Froglet

One of the safest, easiest and most entertaining ways to get to know Victoria’s incredible wildlife is through our fun-filled wildlife shows. Our brilliant Kids Parties wildlife shows are suitable for children of all ages, and every single one of them will have a chance to touch and hold some of the wildlife. And, why not even create your own reptile-themed birthday cake? Everyone will love it!

We also offer fantastic School Incursions, with a choice of six captivating wildlife shows – Australian Reptiles; Stars of the Sea; Insects & Minibeasts; Aqualife; Feathers, Fur & Scales, and Threatened & Endangered Species. An unforgettable experience for students of all ages, they’re a sure-fire way to engage and excite the whole classroom, including the teachers!
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