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Reptile Encounters Goes Wild this Summer Holidays

By New Admin/16 December 2015

‘So, what was the coolest thing you did over the holidays?’

‘Oh, I hung-out with a grey-headed flying fox, a bearded dragon and a lace monitor at an amazing reptile show! I saw a rat kangaroo, a brush-tailed possum and a squirrel glider, and even got to meet their keeper!’

Does it sound too good to be true?!

Well, this holidays, Reptile Encounters is offering the most exciting School Holiday Program you could imagine – The Australian Animals Stage Show! For a limited time only, one of Victoria’s most impressive reptile shows will be at Chesterfield Farm. What a fantastic family activity to keep everyone entertained in those long school holidays!


As well as being able to watch the amazing stage shows, you will have the opportunity to ‘Meet the Keepers’, who look after these special creatures. All of Reptile Encounters’ degree-trained keepers are super knowledgeable and friendly, animal-lovers, who are ready to answer all of your questions and more! And of course, you will have plenty of chances to have your very own photo taken with your favourite animals!

The reptile display in the nursery will even let you get up close and personal with many of them! And at ‘Feeding Time with the Keepers’ you will be able to see the hungry creatures feasting and learn all about their diets in the wild!

Just for starters, some of the other animals you will be able spot in the show will include the Tasmanian pademelon (a mini kangaroo), the long-nosed potoroo, the sugar glider possum and the freshwater turtle. Keep an eye out for green tree frogs, red-tailed black cockatoos, barn owls and don’t forget our beautiful parrots too!


And if you’re feeling brave, you might be able to get close to blue-tongued lizards, frilled lizards and a goanna! (A really, really, really big lizard!) Our friendly pythons will be on show, and we think one of them might be even bigger than you! You’ll be able to meet an awesome crocodile too… wow! But don’t be scared, there’s heaps of cool things to learn about crocodiles, did you know they are as old as the dinosaurs?!


The show will be running from 12 noon every day over the holidays, as well as at weekends and on public holidays. Tickets are excellent value – starting from $14 for children, $25 for adults or $60 for a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children).

What’s more, Reptile Encounters, again with the good folks at Chesterfield Farm, is also offering our very popular adventure ‘Wildlife Ranger for a Day’! With lots and lots of time to feed and safely hold many of our animals, go bug-hunting and learn all about native Australian reptiles, frogs and mammals, this is the perfect experience for young wildlife lovers!


So far, ‘Wildlife Ranger for a day’ is going to be running from 9:30am to 3:30pm on December 22nd and January 19th and 22nd. Tickets for this unique and unforgettable day of fun are available for $150 plus GST per child for the whole day, with a maximum of 10 children. Spaces are currently extremely limited. So, if you’re interested don’t wait – book now and make sure your children have a day to remember!
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