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7 Simple Nature Activities for Kids

By New Admin/27 July 2021

Playing outdoors with natural elements provides kids with an opportunity to learn about the environment while having fun. From climbing trees and hunting insects to moving logs and collecting tiny stones, nature play is very beneficial.

This unstructured play keeps kids physically active as they run around climbing, tossing, kicking, squatting, and jumping. It enhances their creativity and stimulates their problem-solving skills since they are free to experiment with their ideas while being inquisitive. Other benefits include skill development, innovation, self-awareness, achievement, and positive social interactions.
Here are some valuable yet simple nature activities your child can engage in.

7 Nature Activities for Kids

Let your child enjoy the outdoors with these fun activities for a lasting and fulfilling experience.

1. Going on a scavenger hunt

Together with your children, build a list of nature items you can find outside. They include leaves, shells, flowers, stones, feathers, and twigs. This is one of the many outdoor activities your kids will enjoy.
You can turn it into a fun game by having everyone find their own items. The one who gathers all the items wins. A scavenger hunt is a game that not only connects children with nature but also helps them set goals and manage disappointments.

2. Gardening

Plant a fabulous mini garden in your backyard and let your children know it’s their responsibility to take care of the plants. With your guidance, they can water and weed the plants which can be vegetables or flowers.

They will learn what plants require to stay healthy and to grow. Watching the entire development process of their garden will give them confidence and a sense of achievement.

3. Creating rock art

With creativity, rock art can keep kids engaged for the longest time. All they have to do is go out and find rocks, which they can beautify using paint. Get the kids to form different shapes using the stones on a beach or in your yard. This is one of the school holiday activities that will keep them busy positively.

4. Bug hunting

Inform your kids that they are to search for bugs in the backyard and explain to them what they should look out for. Once there, let them observe how bugs behave. They can have a close-up view of these insects using a magnifying glass.

Discuss the colours of these bugs and whether they have any protection mechanism such as stinging or not. Let them know how some of them work together, particularly ants which build an anthill and carry food pieces together.

After your discussion, have the kids roam freely looking for bugs and counting them. It can be more enjoyable if they collect some bugs and place them in a container for further scrutiny and observation.

5. Making natural artwork

Let your kids do art using natural items or painting nature scenes. They can go out to search and collect such items as leaves, flowers, sticks, grass, soil, or seeds. These items are great for collage or mosaic art whereby they draw pictures and stick their collectables on them.

They can also draw some of the items they gather such as flowers, leaves, or plants. It can be followed by painting or colouring their beautiful pictures. Printing or stamping is another great idea where they can use leaves or plant stalks dipped in paint to make attractive prints on sheets of white paper.

6. Sleeping outside

What better way to have your child learn about nature than spending the whole night outside in the backyard. You can engage in storytelling, stargazing, listening to nature sounds, and just enjoying the cool atmosphere. Keep your binoculars and telescope close by.

7. Making nature bracelets

This interesting activity involves taking a piece of tape and putting it around your kid’s wrist with the sticky side out. Let the child know that they are going outside to make a nature bracelet. This involves finding nature items like petals, small branches (broken), and cones. They stick them onto their bracelet without leaving any tape visible.


Nature-based learning is delightful to kids because it’s unstructured, and it allows them to make pleasant discoveries. Engage your child in the above seven activities and watch their interest in the outdoors increase. Their academic performance is also bound to improve.


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