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Make Magic with a Reptile Themed School Fete

By New Admin/27 July 2016

Let your mind wander and picture a lovely summer summer’s day and a school fete. What do you think about? A raffle. A bouncy castle, A cake stall. Probably, yes. But a lace monitor? Or a salt water crocodile? How about a rufous bettong? Probably… not. Well that can change as, thanks to Reptile Encounters, reptile-themed school fetes are now available in both Melbourne and wider Victoria. So if you were scratching your head for school fete ideas, you can now stop scratching!

If you’re planning to make your school fete a magical, unforgettable day, there’s simply no better place to start. With our VIP-reptilian guestlist, you can now organise a legendary school fete guaranteed to excite and mesmerise all-comers! Alongside your jumping castle and face-painting station have a Reptile Encounters show to spice things up a little. Or why not add a little zing in between the BBQ and drink stalls with a 3 metre long python and a goanna?

Lace Monitor

Lace Monitor - RE7-web

As a group of teachers or parents organising a school fete, we are sure your number one goal will be to pull off the fun-filled, crazy day safely – with no first-aid kits or, heaven forbid, more serious intervention required. At Reptile Encounters we pride ourselves in having built our reputation on safety. So, not only are our shows extremely safe, our instructors are specifically trained to emphasise safety and encourage visitors to feel comfortable. You can relax and enjoy your reptile-themed school fete, with the peace of mind that comes from working with professionals.

Even better, our special appearances at school fetes are fun, educational and fully interactive! Our awesome instructors love kids of all ages and answering the heaps of questions that come their way – they are all highly knowledgeable, with specialised degrees to complement their professional experience. With a reptile-themed school fete it’s never been so easy to educate, enthrall and inspire youngsters about Australia’s wonderful fauna!

On the day we’ll arrange a fantastic show to last for an hour. We’ll be more than happy to make our appearance at the busiest time of the fete, so we can entertain as many visitors as possible. And we can bring life to your school fete across the whole of Melbourne, and even parts of wider Victoria. Get in touch with our friendly and flexible team today for more details or to make a booking tailored to your needs. Let our incredible reptile guests make your school fete one to remember!
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