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If there is one thing children can’t get enough of, it’s wildlife shows, and here at Reptile Encounters, our wildlife just can’t get enough of them! We offer a huge array of captive-raised, hand tame, Australian native animals, many of which we have bred ourselves. These fun-loving, scaly and furry friends are amenable to handling so there’s no better way to learn about our native wildlife than with a Reptile Encounters Preschool Incursion.

Our passionate, knowledgeable and lovable Wildlife Ambassadors will captivate and enthrall children and teachers alike during our one hour long educational and interactive show. On top of this - and like all our school incursions - they add heaps of extra value by being fully focused on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

We aim to create a real positive shift in how kids relate to, care about and treat wildlife. In short, we want to create better humans. And with a Diamond Python, a Frilled Neck Lizard and a Saltwater Crocodile in our crew, we think we’ll have just the guests to make a lasting impression…

Check out our awe-inspiring Preschool Incursions:

Australian Reptiles

Recommended for Foundation to Level 2.

This hands-on show will captivate students as they learn about the weird and wonderful characteristics of Australian reptiles.

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Insects & Minibeasts

Recommended for Foundation to Level 2.

Students will be amazed as they discover the creepy-crawly world of insects and minibeasts.

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Feathers, Fur & Scales

Recommended for Level 3 to Level 4.

Students will learn the difference between feathered, furry and scaly creatures in this hands-on display of animal life.

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Stars Of The Sea

Recommended for Level 3 to Level 4.

In this amazing show, students will get their hands wet learning about our fascinating marine life.

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We introduce students and teachers to creatures they may never have even heard of. For instance, Pano, our 1.5m Yellow-spotted Minotor is sure to make your jaw drop! Or get up close and personal with Dave, our fluffy, Long-nosed Potoroo! What is a Potoor you ask? There is only one way to find out! Why not choose Reptile Encounters for your next school incursion? Check out just some of the benefits listed below!


  • Creating awareness by introducing audiences to Australia’s wildlife from an early age.
  • For every hour that is booked as a part of our Incursion Package we will support a local conservation or education network through the Buy1Give1 program.
  • Supporting various local and national conservation programs, such as the Amphibian Research Centre.


  • Children explore their senses seeing, hearing & touching different kinds of animals.
  • Children learn what the animals eat & where they live.
  • Create a lasting memory of being up close with Australia’s wildlife.


  • Save Time!!! When you book our Incursion Package teachers will receive curriculum information, pre-working materials, assessment and activity ideas.
  • Your students will have the opportunity to learn in a safe space that’s engaging and interactive. It will open their eyes to the natural world and help them gain perspective.
  • Reptile Encounters’ presenters are tertiary qualified and trained to provide your class with a fun and educational program.!53IBasfvKW$-t6!ZB[Ix?#FRQ8S_O/Bc?Zi][2bTolP@m0U`JbX+H-T2O&e+O