Local Species for Preschoolers - Reptile Encounters

Local Species for Preschoolers

What better way to connect kids to nature than to help them explore their own backyard! Discover the many different species that call Victoria home, from eastern blue-tongue lizards, bearded dragons and eastern long-necked turtles, to mammals and birds. You’ll be amazed by the biodiversity we can find right on our doorstep but never get the chance to meet up close, until now.

Our Victorian Animals

Do you remember searching under rocks and branches for lizards as a kid? Great times create great memories and your students will love meeting the animals that call Victoria home just like them.

Houdini - Eastern Blue Tongue

Katie - Sugar Glider

Bob - Shingleback lizard

Growling Grass Frog

Eastern long-necked turtle

Sunday - Victorian Carpet Python



What broad range of animals do we have in Victoria?

What are some similarities and differences between them?

What habitats and diets do they like?  

Why is it important to have local biodiversity?

What impact do humans and their pets have on local wildlife? 

What should you do if you encounter wildlife in your area? 

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