Barking Mad: Reptile Encounters on KIIS 101.1 - Reptile Encounters

Barking Mad: Reptile Encounters on KIIS 101.1

By New Admin/10 June 2019



Reptile Encounters sparked amazing scenes at KIIS 101.1 in Richmond when Josh, our head honcho, and Connie, our needs-no-introduction barking owl, rocked up to the studio.

Jase and PJ, one of Melbourne’s favourite DJ duos, were in the middle of a monster 56 hour stint live on air, when Josh strolled in with Connie to their astonishment. (Producers at KISS had earlier called up RE to sort out the surprise visit.)

Connie’s role was to be the animal in their super-funny segment, “is it an animal or is it a human?”, where callers have to take a guess at which of them is making the noise. And believe us, he played a blinder!

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the hilarious footage of Connie driving Jase and PJ barking mad (sorry!) on air, stumping callers, and teaming up with PJ for a one in a million duet, while Josh looks on unruffled.

We’re over the moon for Connie and the exposure she’ll have given to her brothers and sisters in the barking owl family.

FUN FACT: Females have a higher pitch bark than males.
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