Just Can't Stay Out of Truffle - Reptile Encounters

Just Can’t Stay Out of Truffle

By New Admin/14 November 2019

Did you spot Stewie & Gav in the Herald Sun on Monday? Thanks to Photographer David Caird for taking such adorable photos of our baby bettongs!

This baby brush-tailed bettong may look cute and cuddly, but these critters will eat you out of house and home. Josh Cox, who has hand-raised four-month-old Stewie, takes him on the road as part of his mobile zoo Reptile Encounters.

“In the wild they eat fungi so one of their favourite foods is truffles,” he said. “We joke that they have expensive taste.” Also knowns as woylie, the burrowing marsupial is endangered, with only 15,000 in the wild. “Ninety-nine percent of Australians haven’t heard of them,” he said.

Stay tuned for these critically endangered marsupials coming to a school near you!


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