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Encounter Crunch, Virtually

By New Admin/17 September 2020

Did you see Josh and Crunch in the Herald Sun on Saturday? The fantastic pics were taken by Alex Coppel.

CRIKEY, look at those chompers!

Crunch, the 15 year-old saltwater crocodile is one of Reptile Encounters’ most vicious and incredible reptiles.

When Crunch arrived at the Burwood enclosure seven years ago, he was only a metre long but has now reached 1.5 metres. He is one of six saltwater crocs on site but dwarfs the smaller crocs and weighs in at 12kg.

Reptile Encounters director Josh Cox said crocodiles such as Crunch could grow a lot more.
“They can live for 150 years but don’t grow too quickly if we don’t give them too much food which is helpful,” Mr Cox said.

When the zoo is open and thriving, Crunch is a hit with visitors.

Reptile Encounters is closed due to current restrictions but is still doing livestreams and educational videos at zooflix.com and www.reptileencounters.com.au.


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