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Babies Get The Hang of Fame

By New Admin/14 January 2021

Herald Sun

December 17, 2020

This posse has animal lovers wrapped around their tails as they come out of the pouch.

Six-month-old ringtail possum babies, Penelope, Remus and Romulas are part of Reptile Encounter’s animal family.

Director Josh Cox said the trio had been soaking up the attention from animal lovers who have been getting up close to the mobile zoo’s baby possums.

“They are adorable little things.” Mr Cox said. “They are very friendly and used to people.”

Now living outside of their mother’s pouch, Penelope, Remus and Romulus enjoy a daily diet of eucalyptus leaves, native Australian flowers such as bottlebrush along with grains and vegetables. But the babies were not quite ready to take the leap of leaving home just yet, Mr. Cox said.

“They still snuggle with mum and dad in the same nest box,” he said.

“In a couple of months, they will move into their own adjoining aviary.”

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