Threatened & Endangered Species for Secondary School - Reptile Encounters


Remember your favourite Aussie animal growing up? Now imagine the next generation of kids never get to see one. In this vital show, students will meet some of our Australian animals that need their help. Learn about the range of threats to different species, conservation status and assessment, and little steps we can all take to protect them. Students will fall in love with our most precious and rarest animals when they meet them, and inspire them to make a positive difference. There’s never been a more important time to get this message out.


Meet some of the species vital to our ecosystems that are declining fast…

Gary - Growling Grass Frog

Frogs worldwide and our own Growling Grass Frogs found here in Victoria are being decimated by a fungus called Chytrid Fungus.

Penny - Mary River Turtle

The Mary River Turtle got the name Penny Turtle in the 1960’s and 70’s as it was traded in pet stores.

Sabrina - Brush-tailed Bettong

It is estimated there are only 5000 Brush-tailed Bettongs in Australia, they have been decimated by introduced foxes and cats as well as a virus.

Sammy - Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Karak was the mascot for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, to raise awareness for the South Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoos as there are only 1400 left.

Pano - Yellow Spotted Monitor

Like a lot of reptiles in the top end of Australia the Yellow Spotted Monitor has been affected by the introduction of Cane Toads in the 1930’s.

Tammy - Woma Python

Woma python numbers have declined by as much as two thirds in the wild. Unfortunately there is not a lot of data as to why but we suspect it is largely due to feral cats or supercats.

Tobias - Olive Python

The Pilbara Olive Python gets up to six metres long and unfortunately used the road as a warm bed resulting in road strikes.

Smilie - Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles were hunted to near extinction in the 1970’s, this is because there was a demand for their skin, fortunately the hunters realised in time and the tide turned for these great apex predators.


Curriculum Focus


Science understandings inform decisions and problem solving 

Sustainability and conservation

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