Deb Varkevisser - Reptile Encounters

Deb Varkevisser

Director, Tootgarook Preschool

Dear Josh,
I just wanted to communicate with you, regarding our recent Reptile Encounter. I have to say it was the best show, of this type, I have experienced over my many years of teaching. The children, staff and parents, who were present, all thoroughly enjoyed your informative and well-thought-out presentation. The children were totally engaged throughout the show. Our four-year-old groups have done some great follow up literacy work, sharing their impressions and emotions regarding handling the animals. There has been much talk about cold-blooded reptiles, warming themselves in the sun. Charlie, the crocodile and Tiny, the Olive Python were definitley the favourites, though Pancake, the turtle, figured in many of the discussions too. Thank you so much for your sensitivity towards the more timid children and your “super encouraging” attitude, which led several children to touch animals they had initially refused to interact with.
We will be looking to book your company in 2014 for future visits to our centre.
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