Blair Colwell - Reptile Encounters

Blair Colwell

City of Whittlesea

I first came across Reptile Encounters when you delivered a show at my work place for young people with a disability. I was so impressed that I thought I would hire your show for my nephews third birthday. In many families, the position of favourite uncle is highly coveted, and competition can be ruthless. This is particularly the case in my family.
I am happy to say the show was a hit enjoyed by the whole extended family, not just the children. Simon, our facilitator, was able to keep the children engaged and entertained while still relating to the adults. He skilfully involved the whole party, even those reluctant. I would highly recommend your show to friends and colleagues, for a whole range of events. I wish you all the best in the future.
P.S. I particularly liked Simon’s comment about Collingwood football club supporters having two heads when he removed the shingle back lizard from the bag. That was a nice touch.
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