Lace Monitor - Reptile Encounters

Lace Monitor

Scientific name:

Varanus varius

Other names:

Tree goanna, ‘Lacey’


Least Concern, Endangered (Vic)

Generally dark grey with an intricate lacework-like patterning on the back, which often form cream-coloured bands across the neck and upper body. Tail is often banded, with broader bands towards the tip. The head is dark grey to black, sometimes with two or three cream bands across the snout. Dark bands extend from the mouth, under the chin and onto the throat. Juveniles much more boldly patterned and the colours fade with maturity.

A second, less common colour form exists north of the Great Dividing Range known as the ‘Bell’s Phase’ Lace Monitor. And individuals of this colour phase have four or 5 distinct dark grey and yellowish bands across the body and extending onto the tail.

Males are distinctly larger than females, reaching total lengths of around 2m and weighing up to 14kg.
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