Centralian Carpet Python - Reptile Encounters

Centralian Carpet Python

Scientific name:

Morelia bredli

Other names:

Bredli python, Bredl’s python


Least Concern

A medium-sized python with a distinct head and neck. They vary in colour from orange to red to rusty brown, with a pattern of irregular cream bands and blotches down the length of the body, bordered by a margin of black scales.

Small to medium mammals, as well as reptiles and birds.

Occurs in ranges, rocky outcrops and ridge through acacia woodlands.

Central Australia, in the arid southern parts of the Northern Territory in the MacDonnell Ranges.

Normally very arboreal, and will spend most of their time off the ground in trees or shrubs, especially along riverbanks and through open woodlands. These pythons also like to seek shelter in rock crevices and caves. May be a subspecies of Carpet Python (Morelia spilota) even though recent studies have suggested it is it’s own distinct species. Despite having a very restricted range, the species appears to be quite common throughout its range and doesn’t appear to have many obvious threats. Being a python, Centralian Carpet Pythons are non-venomous. They will strike out to grab prey when it comes within reach before throwing coils around the prey item and constricting until the prey is subdued.

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