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Body Systems Multiple Choice Questions

Welcome to your Body Systems Multiple Choice Questions

All Life begins with a single _____________.

The control center of a cell is the _____________.

Skin, ears, and kidneys are examples of _____________.

The _____________ system removes waste products from the body.

A group of similar cells performing the same function is a(n) _____________.

6. Breathing, heart beating, and food digesting are examples of activities using _____________ type of muscles.

Walking, running, and carrying a book involve using _____________ type of muscles.

Cardiac muscle tissue can be found in your _____________.

Skin helps the body maintain a steady _____________ through perspiration and enlarging of blood vessels.

Digestion begins in the _____________.

The human heart has _____________ chambers (rooms).

The top chambers of the heart are called the _____________.

The bottom of the heart is called the _____________.

14. Arteries, Veins, and capillaries are the _____________ in the circulatory system.
15. The main organ in the respiratory system is the _____________.

In which structure is blood filtered within the kidneys?

Water, urea, and other wastes are eliminated in a fluid called _____________.

The _____________ makes urea and breaks down old red blood cells.

Axon, cell body, and dendrites are parts of a _____________ cell.

20. A nerve cell is also called a(n) _____________.

The central nervous system includes:

The peripheral nervous system includes :

The primary function of this system is to break down food into usable form and to remove waste products.

The finger-like projections in the small intestine that "soak up" nutrients:

Tiny air sacs at the ends of the bronchi tubes in the lungs:

26. Which organ belongs to the Digestive System:
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