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Every wild child needs a wild animal party

We’d happily bet our bottom dollar you’d never have thought you’d have Sammy, our very sassy Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, hanging around in your living room and entertaining the guests at your kid’s birthday party. Well, with our incredible Wildlife Party package upgrade it could be happening, and it could be happening very, very soon!

But wait, it gets better still, as Sabrina our much adored and unbearably cute Woylie is also available as a special guest! Yup, that’s right, with both of these cuddly VIP guests coming to your kid’s wildlife themed party, it’ll be just like having a birthday at the zoo, but without the headache of getting there. Our uber-fun and educational reptile parties have been a mainstay of the kids party scene in Melbourne for more than a decade now. They’re always a winner – from primary schoolers to teens and above!

So, we’re guessing you’ll probably want to know a little more about these wonderful party guests before opening up your lovely lounge to them. Here goes!

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Introducing Sammy the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo...

Introducing Sammy the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo...

Representing the birds at the trendiest wildlife party in Melbourne will be Sammy, our sassy Red-tailed Black Cockatoo! Another native Aussie, he’s loud, pretty and definitely a people pleaser. It’s hard not to notice Sammy and even harder not to love him! Just like PJ, our Sammy is hand-tame, but his cousins in the wild are shy and probably won’t let you get close before they fly off.

As you might have guessed, Sammy’s name comes from his stunning Red-tail, and you can tell the females from the males by the striking yellow spots dotted across their heads, necks and wings.

Up next, Sabrina the Woylie!

Up next, Sabrina the Woylie!

We’re super-happy to be able to share the lovely Sabrina with your birthday boy or girl and their buddies, and give you all the low-down on her tricky situation. This is because Sabrina and her family – also known as the brush tailed bettong – are extremely rare and critically endangered. Red foxes and domestic cats have tragically ravaged their population in recent years, but luckily there is some great conservation work being done to protect her family across the nation.

And boy, is she worth protecting! Although shy, Sabrina and her sisters are very smart and efficient workers. They can even carry sticks, bark and leaves for their nests in their tiny tails! Just like some teenagers you may know, Woylies love nothing more than sleeping all day and they come alive at night to hunt for the underground truffles that are their favourite dish. They can even store snacks in their cheeks to eat later. Don’t you wish you could do that sometimes?!

So now you know them you may fancy adding a couple of this awesome trio to your special birthday child’s guestlist, just give us a bell. We’ll sort out the rest and make it an unforgettable day for everyone! And you could even bookend our special show with some animal themed party games of your own or add a fancy dress twist!

Don’t forget, you can invite up to 30 guests for the epic one hour show.

Making special appearances with the Wildlife Party package will be some truly unique Australian animals, most of which are found nowhere else on the planet:

  • A Gorgeous Marsupial
  • A Gregarious Bird
  • A Fresh-water Turtle
  • A Stumpy-tail Lizard
  • A Monitor or Dragon Lizard
  • A Carpet Python
  • A Massive Olive Python
  • A Fresh or Saltwater Crocodile
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