Patricia - Reptile Encounters


I wanted to thank Adam for his presentation at Aidens 3rd birthday on Sunday (10/7 1pm). Aiden and the kids LOVED the show (the parents also were captivated by the reptiles!) The show was fun and educational which was the perfect combination. It was fantastic to see Adam encouraging those kids that were a little timid to touch the reptiles. Aiden woke up the next day and told me about a dream he’d had about one of the reptiles …at first I was afraid that he may have had a nightmare, I was waiting for a snake or crocodile attack version but instead he said he had a dream about him swimming with the 2 frogs he saw yesterday. Phew, I sighed a big sigh!! Thanks once again, it was a great introduction to reptiles for Aiden. He will have fond memories of his 3rd birthday forever!
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