Threatened & Endangered Species School Incursions | Reptile Encounters

Threatened & Endangered Species

This program aims to introduce students to some of Australia’s most threatened and endangered wildlife. Explore why species become endangered, what needs to be done to save them and how everyone can help. Animals that will be discussed in the program include Brush-tail Bettong, Mary River Turtle, Yellow-spotted Monitor, Red-tail Black Cockatoo, Pilbara Olive Python, and Saltwater Crocodile. An eye-opening experience! Recommended for any Year level.


Rufous Bettong - Largest species of Rat-Kangaroo is extinct in Victoria.

Red-tail Black Cockatoo - Endangered in Victoria due to habitat loss.

Mary River Turtle - Sold as “Penny Turtles” in the 1960s & 70s which nearly wiped out the species.

Yellow-spotted Monitor - Population numbers have dropped by 90% since the the introduction of the Cane Toad.

Topics Covered

  • What is does it mean for a species to become extinct?
  • Why are some species at risk of extinction and not others?
  • What are the causes and what can be done to help?
  • Learn about the adaptations of these animals.
  • How do these features help the animal to survive?
  • What habitat do they chose to live in?
  • How do they fit into the ecosystem?!53IBasfvKW$-t6!ZB[Ix?#FRQ8S_O/Bc?Zi][2bTolP@m0U`JbX+H-T2O&e+O