Insects and Minibeasts School Incursions - Reptile Encounters

Insects & Minibeasts

Children will be amazed as they discover the fascinating world of insects and minibeasts. Your class will meet a large range of Australia’s native invertebrates as we move through the different groups, some of which can be found right in their own backyard! Learn how many legs an insect has, why a hermit crab carries a seashell around, and how to be safe around spiders. Meet insects, arachnids, crustaceans and myriapods, and learn about what makes them unique and fascinating!


Spiny-leaf Stick Insect - Experts at camouflage, look and behave like leaves.

Tarantula - Lives underground in burrows.

Hermit Crab - Moves into bigger shells as it grows.

Giant Centipede - This venomous invertebrate can grow to 16cm in length.

Topics Covered


  • Children will learn about what these animals like to eat, how many legs they have and what they feel like to touch!
  • Discussion is based around body shapes, colour and texture.

Primary School

  • Students will learn how living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves.
  • How do they reproduce? Do they give birth to live young or do they lay eggs? What groups do they belong to? Why do different animals have different coverings and external features?!53IBasfvKW$-t6!ZB[Ix?#FRQ8S_O/Bc?Zi][2bTolP@m0U`JbX+H-T2O&e+O