Feathers, Furs & Scales School Incursions - Reptile Encounters

Feathers, Fur & Scales

Children will learn the difference between feathered, furry and scaly creatures in this hands-on display of animal life. Everyone will get an up-close look at a hand-raised marsupial, rainforest parrot, freshwater turtle, shingleback lizard, monitor lizard, pythons, and even a crocodile! Learn about what they eat, where they live and more. Imagine the reaction!


Sugar Glider - Can glide up to 100m from tree to tree.

Barn Owl - Has lop-sided ears to enhance hearing.

Mertens Water Monitor - Smells with a forked tongue.

Saltwater Crocodile - Largest living reptile, can reach 7m in length.

Topics Covered


  • Children will learn about where these animals like to live, how they are similar or different and what they feel like to touch!
  • Discussion is based around body shapes, colour and texture.

Primary School

  • Students discuss living and non-living things. What features help us to classify an animal. Learn about life cycles and how animals and plants are dependant upon one another.
  • What is the difference between predators and prey? How do these animals protect themselves in the wild? What is the difference between an ectotherm and an endotherm?