Evolution & Genetics | Reptile Encounters

Evolution & Genetics

How do new species emerge? Why are there so many kinds of marsupial? Why do some reptiles lay eggs and others have live young? In this show, students will learn about speciation, convergent and divergent evolution, selective breeding, artificial and natural selection, and the way in which species are shaped and formed to suit their biological niche, all while being amazed by a variety of Australian wildlife such as insects, birds, marsupials and reptiles!


Woylie - Divergent evolution, marsupials evolved from a common ancestor.

Barn Owl - Convergent evolution, owls evolved separately to other raptors.

Bearded Dragon - Large clutches of eggs.

Victorian Carpet Python - Heat sensing pits evolved to hunt prey at night.

Topics Covered

  • Students will learn about the theory of evolution.
  • How does species evolve, and what environmental and biological pressures are involved?
  • Why similar adaptive features are present in non-related species.
  • Why certain structural features are unique in certain species.
  • How do characteristics get passed from one generation to the next?