VCE Unit 4: Evolution & Genetics - Reptile Encounters


At Reptile Encounters we believe in inspiring students to take an interest in the natural world. Thus, we will dazzle them with enriching
information while they interact with our captive-raised, Australian animals. It’s important to instil respect for nature at an early age while
preserving the idea that conservation is necessary in maintaining Australia’s rich wildlife.



What methods of selections determine the survival of physiological, structural and behavioural features?

What are the pros and cons of genetic material changing over time?

How do we know when speciation occurs?

Discover the causes of changing allele frequencies in a population’s gene pool including types of mutations (point, frameshift, block) as a source of new alleles, chromosomal abnormalities (aneuploidy and polyploidy), environmental selection pressures on phenotypes as the mechanism for natural selection, gene flow, and genetic drift (bottleneck and founder effects).

Learn about the processes of evolution including through the action of mutations and different selection pressures on a fragmented population and subsequent isolating mechanisms (allopatric speciation) that prevent gene flow.

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