Unit 4 Multiple Choice Questions - Reptile Encounters

Unit 4 Multiple Choice Questions

Welcome to your Unit 4 Multiple Choice Questions

The evolutionary theory proposed by Charles Darwin was:
The wing of the bat and the fore-limb of the dog are said to be homologous structures. This indicates that:

Using radioactive dating techniques, the first life seems to have appeared on the earth about: 

Which of the following phrases best describes the process of evolution? 

Marine mammals have many structural characteristics in common with fishes. The explanation that evolutionary theory would give for this similarity is: 

An alternation in the arrangement of nucleotides in a chromosome, possibly resulting in either a structural or physiological change in the organism, is called: 

It is thought that there was a rapid evolutionary rate once animal life invaded land from the oceans. The explanation given for this rapid evolution is: 

The first animals to settle on land probably had which one of the following characteristics?

Two islands are found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, isolated from any other land mass. These two islands were at one time connected by a land bridge and are of recent origin. They have identical plant and animal life and are separated by 50 miles of ocean. Assuming different selection pressures, which of these island populations would be most likely to be reproductively isolated, possibly allowing for species divergence? 

The population of Red Tailed Black Cockatoo has been drastically reduced by the actions of man. Which of the following most likely threatens their ability to continue to evolve in response to the pressures of their environment? 

A sudden major climatic change would most likely initially result in:

The most compelling evidence for large-scale evolutionary change or macroevolution is:

When first proposed, Darwin's theory of natural selection did not fully explain how evolution could occur. This was due to:

The presence of tropical rain forest fossil forms in Canada can best be explained by: 

The primary mechanism generating this individual variability is:
The extinct species Archaeopteryx had characteristics of both birds and reptiles. This is an example of a(n):
The earliest fossils found in the geologic record are:
Radiometric dating techniques rely on the fact that:
Which of the following best represents Lamarck's ideas on the evolutionary process?
Which of the following is not a part of Darwin's theory of natural selection?
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