Classification Multiple Choice Assessment - Reptile Encounters

Classification Multiple Choice Assessment

Welcome to your Classification Multiple Choice Assessment

Bettongs belong to marsupial infraclass of the class  _______________.

The genus name for humans is ___________________.

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, ____, Genus, species. What is the missing group?

Organisms that belong to the same ___ are most closely related.

Which of these statements is false.

The science of classification is called ___________

Dingos belong to what order?

Bacteria belongs to the ___________________ Kingdom.

A rose would be in the _____________________ Kingdom.

Species that are closely related, such as a dog and a wolf, are classified in the same _____________ ,which is called canis. 

Which statement best describes the animal kingdom?

How many levels of the classification system are there?

What are the levels of classification from smallest to largest?

14. How many classes of vertebrates are there

Name the class that snakes you to ______________________.
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