Our Philosophy | Reptile Encounters

Our Philosophy

At Reptile Encounters we care about conservation. We’re passionate about protecting every single species in Australia and ardent about education and awareness.  For years we have striven to improve conservation efforts in Australia, from protecting the smallest marsupials to the largest reptiles this beautiful continent has to offer.  Unfortunately, many species remain ‘Critically Endangered’ and require a great deal of funding and work to bring back from the brink of extinction.

How our philosophy can help?

Reptile Encounters is stepping up to educate people on the importance of  conservation and sustainability to help preserve our diverse ecosystem.   We believe that change begins with education, and that by educating people on where animals live and their relationship to the environment around them, they will be able to further our conservation efforts and preserve the great and unique animals that call Australia home.

We offer hands on animal and reptile encounters specifically for educational purposes.  Interacting with some of these beautiful creatures helps to ensure that people form strong attachments to the animals and are encouraged to pursue conservation further.  We hope that by attending one of our many events, you will fall in love with what makes Australia great and get involved with maintaining it.